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09:00-09:30 AM   吉隆坡酒店大堂集合;出发。
09:30                   从吉隆坡 前往马六甲(约1.5-2小时车程)
12:00 PM             抵达 前往著名的*鸡场街,午餐您可自由享用 当地特色美食(自费)
13:30                  *荷兰红屋、*圣保罗教堂、*古城门、*三宝庙&三宝井、*马六甲海峡清真寺-- 拍照留念、
15:30                   离开马六甲返回吉隆坡(约2小时车程)
17:00-17:30 PM   抵达吉隆坡酒店 ,结束行程! 
包含:交通接送车费 (包车独立用车8小时),中文司机兼导游服务。不含:餐食,门票,小费(建议马币10/人当地直接付给司机小费),个人消费。 

Malacca day trip
09: 00-09: 30 AM      Kuala Lumpur hotel lobby set; departure.
09:30                        From Kuala Lumpur to Malacca (about 1.5-2 hours by car)
12:00 PM                       Arrival to the famous * Jonker Walk Melaka, lunch you are free to enjoy local     pecialties (at your own expense)
13:30 to                         * Dutch Square, * St Paul Church Melaka., * Porta de Santiago(A'Famosa, * Poh San Teng Temple & Hang Li Poh's Well., * Straits of, Malacca - take pictures,
15:30                        left Malacca back to Kuala Lumpur (about 2 hours by car)
17: 00-17: 30 PM      Arrival at Kuala Lumpur Hotel, end itinerary!
Include: traffic pick up fares (chartered - independent car 8 hours), Chinese driver and tour guide service. Excludes: meals, tickets, tips (recommended RM 10 / person direct payment to the driver tip), personal consumption.

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